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In the 1970s as a teenager I worked with my family doing remodeling projects. After graduating college with a degree in business management, I wanted to go out on my own and expand on what I was already taught. Blue Diamond Remodeling, Inc. has been a family owned business since 1987, with my sons working by my side until they went off to college.

Does you kitchen or bathroom need an upgrade? Could your basement be more useful than it currently is? Have you been considering new flooring? Blue Diamond Remodeling, Inc. can help you with that. We are proud to offer you our clients quality services at prices that won’t break the bank. Experienced and knowledgeable, we can complete the job within your ideal timeline and work with you into partnership.

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When you rely on Blue Diamond Remodeling, Inc. full-service means full-service. We provide you with a lengthy list of remodelig options and then some. Remodeling is a large job that you’ll want to turn out perfectly. When you hire us, your ensuring a stress free build with great results. Communication is key. You’ll never be left in the sawdust wondering what is going on. We’re dedicated and love what we do. We work with the understanding that every project reflects on us, and so the job is never considered complete until you are satisfied.

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